Hide the Veggies and Other Fun Cooking Substitutions

 Written by Guest Blogger and Leap Academy Chef, Harley Dolson I have been cooking at Leap Academy since the August of 2021; it is my first job cooking at a daycare and loving it so far! I went to Madison Area Technical College for three years right out of high school! Two of those years…

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The Wonders of Winter

By Jacob Posateri It’s that time of the year, where often through the adult lense we can only see windshields that need scraping, noses that need wiping and the awfully dreaded wet boots that will ultimately lead to the decline in our sanity as we mop the floors for the 27th time today. However, through…

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What Plants Can Teach Children

toddler touching plants

As many of you are aware, now more than ever the childcare community is recognizing the importance of nature-based learning as an important tool in child development. The ability to go back to our “roots” and teach our children with the natural world around us can be a truly magical and enriching experience. Through my…

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Parenting Tools: The Visual Timer

visual timer

I love visual timers.  I mean it. I LOVE visual timers.  They come in all shapes and sizes: sand timers, Alexa and Google have timers (less visual), the microwave has a timer (less readable for a preschool-aged child), and there are some great ones for sale that were designed specifically for educational purposes.

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5 Tips to a Successful Drop-Off

child and parent at drop off at daycare

It’s 6am. You’re trying to get yourself ready, your family ready, and get everyone out the door to drive to daycare. You get through the rush and bustle of the morning, walk through the doors of Leap Academy, get to your child’s classroom, and it happens. The drop off meltdown.

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My Child Bites – Now What?

young toddlers sitting on floor

It’s the end of the day, you come to pick up your child and their teacher hands you an incident report. “This is just a report about today. Your child bit a friend,” they say. So now what?

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