Quarantine. Kids. Now What?

Guest blog, written by Leap Academy Teacher, Aurora Powers Quarantine with children under five presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Working from home, keeping healthy, freezing temperatures and new…

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Hide the Veggies and Other Fun Cooking Substitutions

 Written by Guest Blogger and Leap Academy Chef, Harley Dolson I have been cooking at Leap Academy since the August of 2021; it is my first job cooking at a…

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The Wonders of Winter

By Jacob Posateri It’s that time of the year, where often through the adult lense we can only see windshields that need scraping, noses that need wiping and the awfully…

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Three Easy Recipes You Can Make in Thirty Minutes

Here are three easy dishes you can make in thirty minutes that are packed with produce: cashew-carrot butter, black bean quesadillas, and avocado chocolate pudding.   Cashew Carrot Butter: Ingredients:…

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The Gentle Push of Potty Training

The journey of potty training is a unique experience that can best be utilized as a great learning experience for both parents and kiddos alike.  One question we get asked…

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Frugal Home Activity Series: Incorporating Process Art

  By Jessica Abbeglen, Enrollment Coordinator   Incorporating art into your child’s at home routine is one of the most beneficial experiences you can do with your child. Art fosters creativity,…

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Frugal Home Activity Series: Baking Soda and Vinegar Explosions

        As we roll thick into the heart of winter and a pandemic, many of our families are spending more time at home than we have in…

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Five Techniques I’m Using to Keep Grounded  During This Time

I am by no means an expert in this field, as I have never studied or experienced parenting during a pandemic, race riot, or murder hornets.  As I’ve said before,…

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Helping Children Manage Conflict

Those playgrounds at Kindergarten are pretty big and pretty unsupervised compared to the ones we have at Leap Academy with a 1:10 or 1:12 adult-to-child ratio.  It’s our duty to…

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Pandemic Procedures and Protocols

Are you wondering what we are doing to prioritize your family’s health and wellness?  This document will guide you with information on our most updated pandemic policies and procedures.  …

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"My son has been going to Leap Academy for three years and we absolutely love the facility! They work above and beyond to make sure your child is given the care they deserve and that you as a parent know what is going on day in and day out. The staff is friendly and the amount of knowledge my son has gained in these years is exceptional. I am due with my second child in a few weeks and she will also be attending Leap Academy."

- Laura K., Parent

"We were so fortunate to find Leap Academy and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, clean, caring and child-focused daycare and school. From the very first day I met the Director and teachers...I knew we found a daycare we could trust. The teachers have a true passion for their careers and are invested in every child. They are excellent at communication which is so important! We get weekly lesson plans, as well as daily notes on his meals, naps, diapers and his favorite activity. Their meals are nutritious, thoughtfully planned and my son frequently asks for seconds!."

- Sarah N.., Parent

"Leap Academy is a wonderful daycare/Pre-K provider!  Staff are engaging and welcoming, the nutrition program is unmatched, and overall, it is an amazing place for little ones to spend their days.  Highly recommend!"

Jaci V., Parent

"Our daughter loves going to Leap for 4K.  Ms Jes and Ms Kayla are awesome. They are very enthusiastic and full of energy.  We love the activities they have at night for parents to come and watch the kids do fun things."

Chris M., Parent

"My children started with Leap Academy shortly after Maria and her team took over several years ago; we have not regretted our choice for a minute!  From the nutritious food to the exemplary 4k program to the caring, long term teachers, I cannot recommend Leap Academy enough."

Katherine M., Parent

"Maria and her staff are amazing.  Their ability to work with each child individually is unparalleled.  Having utilized several other centers in the area, we feel there is no better place for our kiddos."

Matt K., Parent

"The culture that had been built at Leap is one of holistic development and open arms. Teachers spend so much time getting to know each of the kids individually and understand their personalities, talents, and needs. The teachers' connections with the kids allow them to create lessons and activities that really contribute to their intellectual development and social preparation for school. Additionally, the meals served to the kids are consistently healthy and delicious- the full-time kitchen staff takes it upon themselves to provide nutritious food for the kids, while frequently mixing in variety and new meals. Leap's approach of developing and uplifting children mind, body, and heart is extremely effective, and something I have not experienced at any other school or childcare center I have ever been to."

Tristan W., Parent

"Couldn't be happier with Leap Academy.   All of the teachers are extremely nice and take great care of our children. Ms Jes & Ms Kayla do a tremendous job with the 4K program."

Shauna S., Parent

"Our son loves his teachers and the healthy food the school provides. This is a great school!"

Kimberly H., Parent

"My child is in the Afternoon 4k class with Ms. Kayla and Mrs. Jess. These teachers have helped my child grow so much this last 6 months.  I plan on sending her sister to the same 4k program at Leap next year."

Meta L., Parent