Maple Carrots Your Kids Will Eat

    During this time of hurried frenzy, and also a time in which many of us are attempting to save money, my family has worked hard on going back…

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toddler touching plants

What Plants Can Teach Children

As many of you are aware, now more than ever the childcare community is recognizing the importance of nature-based learning as an important tool in child development. The ability to…

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Before you throw that box away….

  Well, baby, it is cold outside, and if your kiddos have a Grandma like mine, you are soon to have several large boxes in your home.  It’s age-old wisdom…

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Accreditation Update from Leap Academy Madison

Attempting one accreditation is not to be taken lightly, but intertwining the inner workings of two accrediting bodies is not for the faint of heart, and this is exactly what…

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Maria and Winnie

Parenting with doubts – the things we don’t talk about

Who said parenting was easy? I still wonder if I’m any good at this… It would be a lie for me to tell you that parenting comes naturally to me. …

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visual timer

Parenting Tools: The Visual Timer

I love visual timers.  I mean it. I LOVE visual timers.  They come in all shapes and sizes: sand timers, Alexa and Google have timers (less visual), the microwave has…

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child and parent at drop off at daycare

5 Tips to a Successful Drop-Off

It’s 6am. You’re trying to get yourself ready, your family ready, and get everyone out the door to drive to daycare. You get through the rush and bustle of the…

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young toddlers sitting on floor

My Child Bites – Now What?

It’s the end of the day, you come to pick up your child and their teacher hands you an incident report. “This is just a report about today. Your child…

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teacher reading to child

How to Get the Most out of your Relationship with your Daycare Provider

Last time I looked, daycare prices were rising, and will continue to rise as staffing costs continue to increase, making it one of the largest line-items on your family’s budget…

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"My son has been going to Leap Academy for three years and we absolutely love the facility! They work above and beyond to make sure your child is given the care they deserve and that you as a parent know what is going on day in and day out. The staff is friendly and the amount of knowledge my son has gained in these years is exceptional. I am due with my second child in a few weeks and she will also be attending Leap Academy."

- Laura K., Parent

"We were so fortunate to find Leap Academy and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, clean, caring and child-focused daycare and school. From the very first day I met the Director and teachers...I knew we found a daycare we could trust. The teachers have a true passion for their careers and are invested in every child. They are excellent at communication which is so important! We get weekly lesson plans, as well as daily notes on his meals, naps, diapers and his favorite activity. Their meals are nutritious, thoughtfully planned and my son frequently asks for seconds!."

- Sarah N.., Parent

"Leap Academy is a wonderful daycare/Pre-K provider!  Staff are engaging and welcoming, the nutrition program is unmatched, and overall, it is an amazing place for little ones to spend their days.  Highly recommend!"

Jaci V., Parent

"Our daughter loves going to Leap for 4K.  Ms Jes and Ms Kayla are awesome. They are very enthusiastic and full of energy.  We love the activities they have at night for parents to come and watch the kids do fun things."

Chris M., Parent

"My children started with Leap Academy shortly after Maria and her team took over several years ago; we have not regretted our choice for a minute!  From the nutritious food to the exemplary 4k program to the caring, long term teachers, I cannot recommend Leap Academy enough."

Katherine M., Parent

"Maria and her staff are amazing.  Their ability to work with each child individually is unparalleled.  Having utilized several other centers in the area, we feel there is no better place for our kiddos."

Matt K., Parent

"The culture that had been built at Leap is one of holistic development and open arms. Teachers spend so much time getting to know each of the kids individually and understand their personalities, talents, and needs. The teachers' connections with the kids allow them to create lessons and activities that really contribute to their intellectual development and social preparation for school. Additionally, the meals served to the kids are consistently healthy and delicious- the full-time kitchen staff takes it upon themselves to provide nutritious food for the kids, while frequently mixing in variety and new meals. Leap's approach of developing and uplifting children mind, body, and heart is extremely effective, and something I have not experienced at any other school or childcare center I have ever been to."

Tristan W., Parent

"Couldn't be happier with Leap Academy.   All of the teachers are extremely nice and take great care of our children. Ms Jes & Ms Kayla do a tremendous job with the 4K program."

Shauna S., Parent

"Our son loves his teachers and the healthy food the school provides. This is a great school!"

Kimberly H., Parent

"My child is in the Afternoon 4k class with Ms. Kayla and Mrs. Jess. These teachers have helped my child grow so much this last 6 months.  I plan on sending her sister to the same 4k program at Leap next year."

Meta L., Parent